Urinary Tract Stones

Urinary Tract Stones Treatment in Nashik

Stones are composed of calcium oxalate and other compounds. Stones commonly affects kidney or the urinary tract. But they can also occur in bladder or urethra. Sometimes stones are too small that they can easily pass through urinary tract. But sometimes they are big in size and cannot pass through urinary tract. It causes extreme pain when they leave body.

Symptoms of Kidney stone are –

  1. Pain during Urination

      2. Burning sensation

      3. Blood in urine

      4. Fever

For diagnosis of kidney stone combinations of ultrasonography, X-rays, IVU or CT scan is used.  

Smaller kidney stones are treated by medication only. But larger kidney stones causes swelling in kidney or infection. For removal of such stones ESWL (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy), keyhole removal (PCNL), removal by ureteroscopy (URS) or laparoscopy surgery is used. Small kidney  stones are removed by ESWL which is non-invasive. Larger stones are removed by PCNL or URS.

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