Robotic Urological Surgery

Robotic Urological Surgery in Nashik

Robotic urological surgery is very beneficial for the treatment of no. of urological diseases. It provides a surgeon to perform surgery more precisely than conventional surgery. In robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeon watches the operative field and controls control several robotic arms from the console which replicate the surgeon’s movements. It combines the precision and accuracy of a machine with the judgment of an experienced surgeon
The diseases that can be treated with robotic surgery are –
• Prostate cancer
• Kidney cancer
• Kidney obstruction
• Kidney, ureter, and bladder reconstruction
• Prostate removal for BPH
There are no. of potential benefits of robotic surgery
• Significantly less pain
• Less blood loss
• Less risk of infection
• Less scarring
• Shorter hospital stay
• Quicker recovery time
• Better clinical outcomes in many cases