Neurogenic Bladder

Neurogenic Bladder Treatment in Nashik

Neurogenic bladder is an abnormality of bladder function that follows damage to the neurological control of the bladder and control muscles. This may result from a birth defect, trauma such as a road side accident or fall from a height, tumor, or infections like tuberculosis. In some individuals, there may be classical findings consistent with neurogenic bladder without an obvious identifiable neurological problem. Neurogenic bladder can have a significant impact on lifestyle. Untreated neurogenic bladder can lead to kidney failure. In fact, long term serious problems in patients with spinal disease come from the kidneys rather than the spine. It is a sad fact that we continue to find patients walking into our clinic with established kidney failure due to neglected or mis-managed neurogenic bladder with disconcerting regularity.
We have an entire team for managing such patients and have a state-of-the-art.
Regular follow up required in these patients.